HandShaker - Manage Your Android Phones at Ease App Recensioni

Veramente Ottima

E’ palesemente migliore di qualsiasi altra provata finora. Su Zenfone è perfetta e funziona sempre!

Eliminazione foto

Per niente chiaro sulla cancellazione delle foto, state attenti! Volevo cancellare le foto dell’album di whatsapp mentre mi ha cancellato quelle della galleria, per fortuna avevo il backup su google foto!

Appena scaricata...

… installata, provata e funziona… vedremo intanto, grazie! :)

con lg g3 non funziona

nonostante abbia fatto l "usb debugging” e abbia riavviato non individua il dispositivo

Easiest way to transfer files from an Android Phone

This app is great, it is the easiest app for transferring files from an android phone to the mac. NOTE: I was having an issue where large video files (+1GB) would stop transferring after a few seconds, I thought it was a Handshaker software issue on either my computer or phone, but just out of curiosity I changed the USB cable to a different port on my iMac and the issue stopped and i was able to transfer all of my large video files without any further issue. So try that if you are having problems.

I don’t know...

…what everyone is complaining about but this app is amazing. It gives you the ability to share files between your mac and non appl products such as my Note9. simply the best. Just download it and try it yourself. 5 stars from me for sure.

Best (only?) app for Android - Mac

I’ve used this app to connect to several android phones over the past few years, including LG G4, Oneplus 3, Galaxy S8, and now Galaxy Note 9. I’m successfully able to transfer files with ease and the user interface is great!

Nothing really special

I’m not one of those unlucky ones who didn’t get it to work or deleted all their files, mine work for the most part. Unfortunately, there was nothing really special that it offered me… view files, copy to local, delete files, that’s it. So basic. You can’t even move files from one location on your phone to another (i.e. move files from phone storage to SD card) because it doesn’t let you write. I’m still waiting for the day that an Android device can: (1) Sync iTunes Library even if you need to play your library on a different music player in Android (windows can do this). (2) Able to project your phone screen in a “simulator-like” representation on your Mac, with touch, tap, two/three finger simulation capabilities. Which unfortunately, this does not do. SPEC: SM-G955FD Samsung Galaxy S8+ OS: 8.0.0

Ten Stars!

If you’re having problems, you can bet you just have a dying SD card, bad USB cable, or your phone is from 2002. Make sure you have a Really GOOD USB cable. This app is GREAT!! I used the App that came with my phone… HandShaker is easily 20 times faster at transfering your files. I use this with All of my phones. Easier than anything ive ever used… Even that one time in College when I snorted a 15” Line of Blow off Becky Schniedermanfeilds Arse! (You’re Welcome, Mic Drop - BOOF!)

Samsung phone video transfer to Mac 2018

So, I found it worked great. Of course was hesitant - but it did work just fine. And, free - Thank you for sharing!! I transfered videos I made on my phone to my Mac. You need to install the app both on your Android phone and on your Mac. After that I didn’t really even need to read the directions. But, if you do - read them in Chrome - and then click translate. (Because it is writen in Chinese) Then - Just plugged the phone into my computer with USB cord and it pretty much did it all for me. Happy Transfering!

It couldn’t see my device—support pages not bilingual-stick with Android File Transfer

I saw a review of this and downloaded it. Interface seemed robust, but when i connected my android tablet, HandShaker was never able to locate it. AVOID!

Worked when Android File Transfer wouldn’t.

May 2018 install, worked like a charm. Android File Transfer stopped recognizing my Pixel 2 XL no matter what cable, order, version, port I tried. I was hesitant because of negative reviews, but desperate. So I installed on Sierra 10.12.2 MacBook Pro, it asked to install on my pixel, I installed, it asked to connect, I allowed, and there were all my files ready for import or export. Wirelessly no less. When I connected USB, it stopped wireless transfer and went smoothly to asking if I wanted to transfer using USB cable. No chinese instructions, no bogdowns, no problem. Transferred at 18 mbs when USB connected. Don’t be afraid to use this next time. PS: workaround for Android File Transfer seems to be to quit DropBox and Google File Transfer, then try AFT again. I’d rather just use Handshake…it’s free, and it works well.

Did not work

Did not at all work on a Mid 2011 MacBook Air and a Note 5.

Nice App

I have download the app & it’s work very nice. Just translate the website.


Worked quickly and perfectly. Worked when nothing else did. Phenomenal, would reccomend to anyone!!! ^^

This app does so much more than I expected! THANK YOU!!!

Its really sad how there is so many bad reviews on this app due to stupid people that dont know how to get it to work. I hope all you arsenuggets edit your reviews after I give you some common sense advice on how to get it running… Download the app on your Mac from the play store. When you open the app on your Mac it will give you a link to go to for “more info” about the apk needed for your phone to use the software you just downloaded to your Mac. Go to the browser on your android device and type the link from the window message on your Mac. That link is a direct download link… After you click on the link it will show up in your browsers downloads section. After it downloads, open it. Then follow the Mac screen as you connect. (dont forget to connect to the same wifi as your laptop, or just use it via the cable) Your welcome…. Go EDIT YOUR SHHYTE REVIEWS NOW! I have no affiliation to them, but it made me so upset to see such an amazing app get this kind of low ratings. I deleted android file transfer as soon as I saw the interface. THIS THING DOES IT ALL. PERIOD Big thanks to the developers!


Totally useless.Try getting help and it is in Chinese.It does nothing.

This app is AMAZING!!

This app is TREMENDOUS!! Not sure why about the other bad reviews I’m seeing - I found this beautiful app after trying so many garbage apps, including Google’s own Android File Transfer (which crashed constantly) and Airdroid which also crashed and wanted a subscription (its not really free) then being chided by my programmer buddy who told me just to do the whole thing in command line / terminal - I am a VISUAL learner and given how important my photos are to me, I wanted to SEE exactly what was being saved, we’re talking the FIRST photos of my first son and videos of the day he was born, I’m not trying to play any games here - so far Handshaker has backed up like 35GB of these precious photos and videos, without a hitch, a great way to interface Android with MacOS I am VERY happy I found this app!! THANK YOU!!! System: MacOS El Capitain | 10.11.6 (15G19009) | MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) 64GB transferred from Samsung S7 (Phone & SD) to MBP = Success!!

Great Great Great !

SO GLAD to be done with Android File Transfer (Android phone <—> Mac file transfer). That was so buggy, inconsistent connections, etc etc. I just downloaded Handshaker and it works very very smoothly. Much better interface, simple drag-and-drop across devices, etc. There does seem to be some upper limit on how much can be dragged and dropped at one time; something above 1.5GB or so (I hit this as I was transferring about 5GB of photos from my phone to Mac)

It works, only when it works

This app used to work flawlessly. So far in 2018, I have not been able to get this app to work. I am very adept supporting these devices and definitely how to use/repair/customise the Apple and the Android infrastructures. The app simply does not work. It does not connect to my new top of the line phone which is using Oreo 8.1. It does not see the phone wirelessly or with a usb cable. So I used Android File Transfer instead, which works without a hitch.

What the what?

It gives you a qr code, so you download another app to scan it to find out its a bad weblink. Waste of time and resources. Girl, bye


Requires adjusting installation settings on Moto G to allow unknown apps (what this prompts you to download). Then you have to select files, and it will transfer them without album artwork. Lasted about ten minutes on my Mac before I gave up on it. It’s not clear that it can be removed from your phone/device once installed. UPDATE: reinstalled; can’t get it to connect via wifi or USB. Downgraded from 3 stars to 1.

Works great.

Don’t listen to the complaints about chinese. Just install the app, hook up your phone and then scan the barcode when it come up to go to artisan’s website. Click on the blue button for the apk file. Done.

For those cannot speak chinese

This is designed by chinese company. it is understandable that this sofeware only can read by chinese. it is not reasonable to give a one star review.

The worst app I have ever used

The worst app I have ever used. Crashes every single time. Avoid. Should be removed from the store. I repeat: THIS GARBAGE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE STORE. IT DOES NOT WORK.

Wow, it works.

I had a problem with Android File Transfer, it would crash constantly - it would stop in the middle of transfers. The issue was bad! Airdroid and Airmore are not a subsitute to USB connection for large transfers. Finally, I found something that just works, and I am moving my gigabytes of music to my phone. It works extremely well and stable both with usb cable (fast) and wifi, however, coping files to the SD card from external drive resulted in disconnections. So if you are coping to internal phone memory, this program works. I had to move files from internal memory to SD card later on the phone.

Works great with Google Pixel

This is definitely the smoothest interface I’ve had between my Mac and an Android phone. I used it with my first generation Google Pixel and it worked great.


If you can’t read the title of this review, you won’t be able to figure out how to use the app either. Best wishes.

Can’t even download app to phone

No idea how this app works seeing how the apk file will not even download. Better than Android File Transfer? Riiight.

Doesn’t work on Sierra. Need to brush up on my Mandarin before I can make it work

Barcode scan to download the phone app. When it did work, it was pretty intrusive, and has a constant radar like animation that makes you wnat to quit the app. Uninstalled, but I feel there’s some malware in there somewhere, entire thing seems a bit sketchy, perhaps that’s just due to a crappy app

I don’t speak chinese

App won’t function on sierra and help fies is only in chinese.

Thank you very much Handshaker!

This app solved my issues with Android transferring file to Mac OS Sierra.Though the chinese/taiwanese or japanese what language in the main website is hardly to understand it but I found the right link to download the app onto my phone. But other than that, you guys made me happy!! Thank you guys very much! :D :D :D (Y) (Y) (Y)

Exactly what I was looking for

I’ve been struggling with file transfers between Mac and Android ever since I got this shiny new Pixel last fall. Android File Transfer refuses to work and other apps I’ve tried have been unreliable, and in some cases, the Android piece has been downright intrusive (screen overlays and whatnot). This app has a clean interface that let me drag and drop files and folders between the Android and the Mac. Exactly what I was looking for.

It and Airdroid now thing my device is empty.

I was using handshaker to transfer files to my terabyte, but whenever it would pass through a large amount of data it would give up. I tried this several times, but eventually the app stopped being able to see my internal storage. I instead opted to try Air Droid instead, but now Air Droid and the File Manager both can’t locate any files. Luckily Photos still has my images, but I can’t offload my files now.

Better than Google’s AFT

Yes, the app is natively written in Chinese, and not all of the buttons have been translated into English. It wasn’t an issue for me, I figured out how to use the program in 30 nanoseconds. The program does what is says it does, and is much better than the Google equivelent product (Android File Transfer). The only thing that would make this better is to use Android’s built in MTP interface so that no Android app is needed.

Good APP for MAC with Android

It is really hard to do file transfer between MAC and Android. I used to do it via WeChat, yes, I am in China. And using weChat is ok but not so convenient. Recently I just did not want to do it with WeChat anymore and this app works perfectly. It is quite easy and quick. I did not spend too much time testing this app, i just used it to transfer android files to my Mac and it works perfectly. That’s all I need! Good job Smartisan.

This app works great! Making it work takes just a tiny bit of effort.

AndroidFileTransfer doesn’t work with my Pixel XL but the program wasn’t ever very good. I usually go find a PC to move my files but that is a hassle. I needed to transfer pictures off my Pixel XL to my Mac and found HandShaker. It was easy to install on both my Mac and my Pixel XL (I thought) but then I found I had to fiddle a bit to make it work over USB. I quit the app on my Mac and restarted it, I used the USB connection panel on my Pixel XL to tell it to tranfer files, and after a few tries I got my Mac and my Pixel XL to talk with each other. The transfer speeds over a USB 3.0 connection are wicked fast! I copied about 1,000 high res pictures in less than two minutes. Copied 3.2 GB of other files in less than 3 minutes. Nice! I am running Sierra 10.12.5 and Android 7.1.2. Finally a way to get my files from my phone to my Mac and vice-versa!

Totally worthless

Unless you read Chinese, this app is of no use whatever. If you run into the slightest problem, the app tells you to see the help file. The Help file is written ENTIRELY IN CHINESE. So I can’t tell anybody whether it works or not.

android app is not to be found

there is no app for android. if you try their bacode you get a chinese app that can harm your computer. Useless !!!

Companion app not foud in Play Store

I don’t know how to proceed, the app does not show up in the android store, and it’s necessary to get this to work. There’s a scan QR code in the OSX app but this is 2017 and really people don’t use that anymore. I’ve never used one, don’t have a QR app, and there’s no direct link anywhere to be found. Might be an awesome app, but I guess I’ll not get to find out!

Can’t access SD Card

All i want to do is move files from the phone to the SD card, and move some photos from the card to my computer. The app has permissions enabled for SD Card access, but I keep getting a message on the computer telling me to launch the app and follow the instructions to enable SD Card access. But I don’t even have access to a menu. I get a screen telling me I’m connected with USB cable. And that’s it. I can’t email anyone for help. So what do I do?

Working Again

The app worked just fine as advertised until I updated the Android component as recommended by the app “for stability.” After I wrote this review, the developer asked me to try again, so I did. It appears the developer has made some improvements, to include wireless connectivity instead of just USB. This is great, as long as it keeps working. It’s a nice lightweight alternative to Airdroid. It would also be nice if the developer’s website pages for downloading the Android component and for support were in English instead of just Chinese. After clicking the download link I scanned on my phone, the page was all in Chinese. I guessed that the big blue button was to download the APK file, but this really isn’t safe. I also don’t understand why they can’t just put the app in the Google Play store.

Simple, Elegant and Efficient .

Its the most convenient Android manager available for OSX. Everything is just perfect. Clean and elegant UI. Just plug in your Android, it’ll be already there waiting for you.

Stopped working with phone app update

The phone app asked me to update. When I did this app stopped working on the mac. The CPU prompts me to update, but there is no update.


It worked pretty well until yesterday where the OSX app asked for an update. Then it stopped working, asking for an update. The update button doesn’t do anything, there’s no update to be found here……. You guys broke it :(


Version 2.0.2 keeps telling me to update the app on Android and desktop. Have followed the steps over and over. BROKE! using Sierra and Android 7 This was my only way to x-fer from my Android! Old version back please!!!

Used to work

But now it doesn’t and I can’t even uninstall it from my Mac Pro. Their website is in chinese or something. Terrible.

Works with Pixel and original USB-C cables

Finally a free file manager app that works with Pixel. Android File Transfer doesn’t work with the cords supplied with my new Google Pixel. And Commander One didn’t work either (just kept freezing up). But this app works! Wish it had a dual file manager drag/drop interface like Commander One - but at least this works and I can move music to/from my Pixel and Mac. Thanks!


i did not like this app. i will go back to using android file transfer. pros; - mac style ui - space bar shows preview of item just as in mac - rename items within app cons; - does not indicate files that are on the phone from the files on an external memory card - requires an app on phone and an app on mac

Not that much better than Android File Transfer

I think we all know Android File Transfer has issues, if only because it lacks the Finder-like ability to *move* folders/files around on your device or card. Well, you can't do that with this app, either; not even in the "Files" section of the app. In fact, it may be even *less* functional than AFT…. The whole app is direly lacking - if you try to move a folder of music to your device under the "Music" section, for example, it gives an error: "Couldn't found [sic] audio files from the target path". You have to move that folder in the "Files" section instead. And if you try to delete a folder while in the "Music" section? It doesn't do a bloody thing. And no matter what, you can't choose whether to move files to your device or to your external storage card; they're going to your device, and if you don't want them there, you're going to have to play around in your device's settings to find them and move them to your card. In the "Files" section, you can't even *access* your external storage, even to see what's there. Good lord, Smartisan — even AFT can do *that* much… On top of that, you have to install an extra app on your device to make the whole thing work. If you can call this "working". You had one job, Smartisan — give us an Android file transfer program that works much more like the Finder, at least. This isn't even remotely there — and you're on version 2? For shame…. (Edited to go from a two-star rating to a one-star rating)

Don’t buy this app

I purchased this app from the app store and downloaded the app to my phone. I will NOT take my phone number. This app is JUNK!! Shame on you Apple, it doesn’t work!

import button grayed out

Installed okay other than the rogue apk on the Nexus, showed the picture thumbnails without incident but the Import button was non-functional.

don’t bother with this app

won’t connect. won’t do anything at all as far as i can tell. just don’t bother.

It’s Useful!

I wanted to move pictures and video from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my MacBook Pro. This was quick and easy! I didnt have any issues with sync-up.

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