HandShaker - Manage Your Android Phones at Ease App Reviews

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Really brilliant

Thanks a lot, this is super easy to use and so clean! Finally!

Doesn’t work

Unable to read phone - Moto G 2015

Works but with some glitches

The app is really nice, but I had a glitch where each picture thumbnail changed into empty saying “Socket reset by remote"


It worked well the first time I connected my phone (Asus Zenfone 2), but each time I’ve tried since then it recognizes that my phone is connected but does not show any of my files.


I just intalled on my machine and the app is there however since I dont read Chinese and cannot find where to change the language I will be removing it now Its great that you offer multiple languages but some thought should be given to the User interface...

Doesn’t work most of the time

When it works, it’s okay. But it doesn’t work most of the time. App keeps opening and closing. I get notifications that I have a USB device using too much power, but my phone is the only thing connected to my computer. Sometimes when I try to look at my music through this app, the language changes to japanese for some reason. Completely unusable when it’s not working.

Cool idea - wrong language

This app might be nice but only downloaded using Chinese language and I cant seem to switch languages making it unusable.

Great App!

this app is greate is working at the first time with no issue with my LG flex phone. Great job!!!!!!

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