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LG - G2

Perfect ! Just plug my LG-G2 on usb and I can transfer all my files, photos or music to my macbook easy and smooth. Thanks for this amazing app !

Bien mais...

En ce qui concerne l’accés à la mémoire interne, pas de problème. Mais en ce qui concerne une carte mémoire externe, on peut voir et exporter les fichiers vers le mac mais l’importation ne permet pas de choisir la destination et donc les fichiers s’enregistre obligatoirement sur la mémoire interne et non sur la SD externe … dommage. Par conséquent, il n’est pas possible de déplacer, à partir de l’application, des fichiers entre la SD interne et la SD externe ou même entre dossiers sur une même carte… Donc bien, mais incomplète.

Samsung Grand Prime

It doesn’t recognize my Samsung phone. So can’t really give a proper review. Wish it worked.

Great App!

this app is greate is working at the first time with no issue with my LG flex phone. Great job!!!!!!

works perfectly

It works perfectly

Cool idea - wrong language

This app might be nice but only downloaded using Chinese language and I cant seem to switch languages making it unusable.

Transfer files from/to LG phone

Finally, I am able to transfer files between my Mac computer and LG V10 with this app.

Doesn’t work most of the time

When it works, it’s okay. But it doesn’t work most of the time. App keeps opening and closing. I get notifications that I have a USB device using too much power, but my phone is the only thing connected to my computer. Sometimes when I try to look at my music through this app, the language changes to japanese for some reason. Completely unusable when it’s not working.


I just intalled on my machine and the app is there however since I dont read Chinese and cannot find where to change the language I will be removing it now Its great that you offer multiple languages but some thought should be given to the User interface...

Veramente Ottima

E’ palesemente migliore di qualsiasi altra provata finora. Su Zenfone è perfetta e funziona sempre!


It worked well the first time I connected my phone (Asus Zenfone 2), but each time I’ve tried since then it recognizes that my phone is connected but does not show any of my files.

Works but with some glitches

The app is really nice, but I had a glitch where each picture thumbnail changed into empty saying “Socket reset by remote"

Doesn’t work

Unable to read phone - Moto G 2015

Really brilliant

Thanks a lot, this is super easy to use and so clean! Finally!

整体不错, 还有些小问题

1.全部文件可以识别,但第一次没有找到很明显的DICM或者Music,后来好了 2.关掉APP重新打开提示开启调试模式,重新插拔手机好了








虽然功能现在还比较简陋,但是现有的功能挺好用的。 希望以后能多点功能。


That’s exactly what I need!!!

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