HandShaker - Manage Your Android Phones at Ease App Reviews

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no problem with connectivity which is great, but only end up transfering 1 of 300+ mp3 files

Just always do the right thing.

Elegant, simple, great app.

This app is awesome.

Works great, very happy with it!

Great App

It is doing the job great. Please support SD card and WiFi instead of USB.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

plain and simple: it does not work.

So cow cool

that’s aswsome app for andoird Phone.

Finally a transfer app that works...

And it’s fast, at least with my Samsung Galaxy S7…great, great app...

No SD Card support?

I’ve been looking around the app and screenshots, and I don’t see anything about accessing my SD Card. Excellent try, but this is the only thing keeping me away from this app.

Works fine with my Motorola Droid Maxx 2

Just installed, as I liked the promised features. I’d been using a much more bare-bones program, and this one offered a better experience. Wonder of wonders, it worked just like the description said it would! Once you know how to turn on USB Debugging (Google it…) it works like a champ. Much easier and smoother than the one I had been using. And THUMBNAILS for the pics are a great addition! Bravo! My only suggestion would be when transferring files, and it runs into a duplicate that already exists on the source (common occurrence), offer a “Do this for all files” option to skip, replace, etc. Having to do that for each individual file when transferring hundreds of photos, etc, can become tedious, at best. Otherwise, I like it!

Thank God it’s free...

I loaded the app, did everything I was instructed to do, and all I get is an error message every time. I haven’t been able to get it to work.

Doesn’t work

I connected my OnePlus 1 and it can’t read anything on the device, it keeps saying that it needs to be reconnected or restarted. I tried resarting both the macbook and the phone and it still doesn’t work.

thank you. just thank you.

finally. the software i was waiting for since i passed to OS X

Best tool out there to transfer photos and videos to your mac

I had tried many other options and they were all very poor in terms of user experience, no thumnails, crashes here and there, but not with this tool. This is great piece of software, and it works great. You can preview media files, you can export all your files from your phone to your computer leaving more space on your phone. It’s great for backing up all those great memories stored on your phone. It does take a little setup on the phone side to enable the USB thing but they are very simple steps to follow and once there, everything is simple and as you’d expect it. Great work!

Can’t be deleted

Application cannot be deleted - uninstall isn’t works.

LG - G2

Perfect ! Just plug my LG-G2 on usb and I can transfer all my files, photos or music to my macbook easy and smooth. Thanks for this amazing app !

Samsung Grand Prime

It doesn’t recognize my Samsung phone. So can’t really give a proper review. Wish it worked.

Great App!

this app is greate is working at the first time with no issue with my LG flex phone. Great job!!!!!!

works perfectly

It works perfectly

Cool idea - wrong language

This app might be nice but only downloaded using Chinese language and I cant seem to switch languages making it unusable.

Transfer files from/to LG phone

Finally, I am able to transfer files between my Mac computer and LG V10 with this app.

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